2329 Arbot Rd.
Nanaimo, B.C. Canada V9R 6S8
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winter farm

St. Benedict urges his followers to regard the tools of the monastery as the "vessels of the altar".  Benedictines have always had a close connection to the particular part of the earth that they occupy.  The Sisters of the House of Bread Monastery are close to the earth whether in the garden growing vegetables, communing with the wild animals that come to visit or walking the paths near their lakeside home.  The five acre monastery property is home to deer, wild rabbits, squirrels and some goldfish that live in the pond. The occasional raccoon comes to share the bounty of our orchard and gardens.   

Many herbal plants, such as thyme, are grown on our farm.  These plants are dried or tinctured to be used in herbal products.  One of the Sisters is a chartered herbalist, but many help in this endeavor.   

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