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Nanaimo, B.C. Canada V9R 6S8
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Our Story

House of Bread In 1972 Bishop Remi J. De Roo of the Diocese of Victoria met with the General Chapter of the Federation of St. Gertrude and requested, "that the Benedictines return to Vancouver Island so that their spirituality might be shared with the people in the area." In response the House of Bread Monastery was established as a Dependent Priory of the Queen of Angels Monastery, Mt. Angel, Oregon.

In 1993 House of Bread Monastery was incorporated into the Federation of St. Gertrude and Sister Jean Ann Berning, 0SB, was elected the first Prioress.

We believe the orientation of the Rule of St. Benedict and our Swiss Benedictine heritage to be intentionally Eucharistic. Our community emphasizes this orientation by the choice of the name House of Bread to signify that we desire to be sacrament persons sharing the "bread" of Scripture and Eucharistic presence with others. Personal prayer and sacred reading (lectio) are essential values and are supported by the presence of a small chapel, a library and agreed upon times of quiet. Daily liturgically oriented corporate prayer expresses our Benedictine focus of being a community of prayer.

We are mindful of our natural setting and the need to call ourselves to partnership with our environment so that the natural gifts of God may flourish.

The corporate and individual ministry of the House of Bread Monastery is hospitality. "All guests who present themselves are to be welcomed as Christ." (RB 53,1)

Each member is responsible to live out our corporate ministry both within the monastery and in whatever situation they find themselves. Living the gospel message reflects our lived Benedictine presence here on the Island. We value a simple life style which includes planned gifting of our time, talents and financial support to societies and agencies that assist those in need.

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